Happy Fourth of July! I am currently in Germany squeezing in one more visit to my cousin before I leave for my travels. Celebrating US holidays is just not the same overseas as it is at home. And because no one gets hyped about them here I tend to forget that they are even happening! For the longest time I have spent my 4th’s in New Haven, Connecticut visiting my Noni. I am a bit jealous this year as my brother, his girlfriend, my sister, and her husband are all trekking to New England for the 4th without me! I am so happy for them and hope they all have a wonderful time. I predict that they’ll miss having me around though!

After spotting this American flag scarf all over Europe I finally broke down and bought myself one in Amsterdam. Funny, right? Sometimes I think foreigners are more patriotic toward the US than we are! I see tons of America accessories out and about – there is even a clothing store here called America Today which I think is quite funny. Oh, America, I miss you.

I hope all of you have a great day off and have tons of fun celebrating! Light some sparklers for me! And eat some watermelon!

I completely ran out of time to link the items! All are pretty simple though. The only place I found a chic American flag scarf in the US is Free People.