After a super sunny day yesterday we are back to gloom today. One thing I am really looking forward to during my travels is sunny weather. I know it’s not guaranteed, but I predict that Greece, Malta, and Spain will fulfill my need for sunshine. With the gloom came a bit of a chill, hence the jeans, again. Plus I am not ready to bare my legs to you all anyway. My paleness is scary. I don’t know how to even explain it to you (although it’s pretty evident in these photos). Living in Florida most of my life I usually had some sort of color, but living here with this infrequent sun has made me lose all traces of it. Determined to get it back once I spend some time on the beach.

Moving on. Check out my braid! I know it’s nothing impressive, but for me, it’s pretty amazing. All my life I have struggled (I sound so dramatic) with styling my hair in other ways than just wearing it down or in a pony. I did tell you that I only learned how to use a curling iron in January of this year, right? Suffice it to say, I am not gifted in the hair styling department and am completely envious of people that can do their own hair so easily! Oh, and I can’t really do other people’s hair either  – I struggle to do a simple pony tail on my five year old niece! Luckily she has a mom who is a bit more gifted than me and actually knows how to French braid. The reason for the braid you ask? I am most likely going to leave my curling iron and straightener behind during my travels so I am trying to make my hair look presentable with just letting it air dry. I think this look was quite a success, not sure how long the braid will stay in, but at least I don’t look too disheveled. Any suggestions on good products to use with air drying? My hair has a natural wave to it, so maybe something that would add some definition to the waves? Ha, look at me trying to talk about hair! My stylist back home is probably ashamed.