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It’s sunny today and almost warm enough to go bare legged. The warming temperatures are making me consider doing some spring and summer shopping as what I am finding in my closet lately is quite drab. I think I need something bright and colorful – something to complement this bright and sunny weather. Also, I am not sure what was going on with my camera this morning, but it was having a ton of trouble focusing. Maybe because I switched my shooting spot to a balcony? I don’t have time to reshoot today so this is what you get – my apologies. On to the outfit; the top I grabbed from the pile of clothes my friend Danielle left here, the skirt I have had for four years (I think it used to fit a bit better), the shoes you have already seen because they are basically the only presentable shoes I have here, and the necklace – oh, the necklace – I scooped it up while in Paris at the flea market. Do you love is as much as I do? I wouldn’t say it’s typical Parisian, but it’s typical me which makes it work. Now my total necklace count is up to a whopping four.