blazer | top | jeans | booties | necklace | bracelet 1 | bracelet 2

Let me introduce you to my first and only clothing purchase since being here; my navy nautical-inspired blazer. I scooped it up at h&m for a mere €15! Impressive, right? I’ve worn it a couple times so far, but with the weather being so chilly it’s been spending a lot of time in my makeshift closet. I apologize for not posting outfit photos, but sometimes I completely lack the motivation to set my tripod up and shoot in the backyard. Hopefully my mindset will change when my new blogger and real life friend Jess will start shooting our outfits for each other. I met Jess just last week, but we completely hit it off. Her quirky style mixed with her great sense of humor completely draw you in. Take a look at her blog to get to know her more!