Early this week I was notified that I won $15 toward any InPink purchase through a giveaway from my fellow blogger Michelle at Pinque Blog. After perusing their stocked website for far too long I finally narrowed it down to just six options. I want all of them, but am really torn between options 5 and 6. The rest I know I can live without, but those two are neck in neck for the winners. What do you think? Which is your favorite? Have you shopped InPink before? Would love to hear your feedback!

1. turquoise faceted double drop earrings 2. delicate white druzy stone pendant necklace 3. black stone wire wrapped tear drop stud earrings 4. clear beads on black cord clasp bracelet 5. multi oblong stud rhinestone earrings 6. multi colored rhinestone bangle.

Special thank you to Michelle and InPink for putting together a great giveaway!