photography by Behind the Face Photography

I know I’m insanely late to the game with this, but I am finally going to get myself a pair of Warby Parker glasses. I’m pretty sure I’ve been wanting a pair since hearing about the brand from what seems ages ago – maybe 2010? What makes this brand so awesome is the home try on is completely free! It’s also easy, fun and fast. I got my frames within fives days of placing the order, tried them on and sent them back on their way. So simple. The most difficult part was picking out the frames to try. They have so many options available that it took me quite some time to choose. Another hard part is deciding on what frames I want to purchase. I tried them on for some family and friends and I was getting some very split reviews so I asked Litasha to take some photos for me to get a better sense of what looked best.

Do you have a favorite? I think I’m leaning toward the Linwood, but I may or may not have ordered another home try on just in case I missed a frame I like better. They just make it so easy!

In the market for some fun frames? Check out Warby Parker and make sure to read about their buy a pair, give a pair model.

Did you notice how I mixed up my striped shirt? It’s my attempt at showing how to style one piece lots of different ways. You can read all about stripes here.

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