I keep going over and over in my head the list of things I should bring on my upcoming trip. I am only taking one small carry-on for the entire time I am away, and here in Europe the cheap airlines only allow one carry-on per person, nothing extra. This means that my laptop, kindle, camera, and purse all have to fit in my one carry-on along with everything else I plan on bringing. This is going to be a real challenge for me and I am already thinking of ways to pack more by wearing my bulkier pieces for the flights. So far I don’t think I need to buy much, but the piece I am really wanting at the moment is a great maxi dress. I could really use a piece with its versatility and, as you can see, I already thought of two ways to style it. What are your thoughts on this? Is a maxi dress a good investment for a trip where you are limited in what you can bring? I would love to know!