one, two, three, four


When I was a kid the only sports gear I ever wore was emblazoned with something related to the University of Kansas. I think it was something about the Jayhawk that really had me hooked, plus our dad would let us pick something out every year from the KU Bookstore catalog which was the best part for me and my sister. I have collected some real gems over the years, some of them I have kept, some I’ve passed on to my niece and nephews. I am always on the lookout for new items to purchase for myself and as gifts. Since I’m not in Kansas anymore (pun intended), I have such fun browsing all the KU shops in downtown Lawrence and at the KU Bookstore. I’ve been known to spend quite a bit of time deciding on what shirt to purchase or if I should go with the hooded or unhooded sweatshirt – unhooded always wins in my book. This year I picked up this t-shirt and some gifts for the rest of the family. Might be a bit nerdy, but I get really excited about new Kansas gear especially during my favorite time of the year – basketball season! Anyone else a huge basketball fan? Where do you find your favorite collegiate items?