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photography by Behind the Face Photography

These past few weeks I have felt truly inspired. In a way an almost disastrous day where I thought I lost all my files turned into opportunities for me to connect with people right here on the Treasure Coast. I can’t even tell you how many new people I have come in contact with and it all came out of me getting out of my house, away from my computer, connecting with people, and sharing my vision. As a blogger, wardrobe consultant, and graphic designer (and interior design student!) I sometimes find it hard to explain to people what it is that I do. It’s difficult to convey it in terms everyone can understand. I think I’m slowly getting there, but telling everyone every single aspect of my professional life and goals is sometimes taxing and I honestly at times feel intimidated when talking to people about what I do. I mean, does anyone really care about my take on the d’orsay or that I can design a kick butt blog? I doubt it, but maybe.

In all, I love helping people. I truly feel that my unique gifts and talents are mine for me to help others in any way I possibly can. Yes, my gifts are much different than say a teacher’s or a nurse’s but I shouldn’t feel like I am any less of a person because of that. So, what exactly do I want from all this? I want to inspire you to live a well-designed life. To take risks, to wear that crazy romper, to have fun, to laugh, to smile, and to connect with people around you. I’m very much an introvert, and probably always will be, but people are so wonderful and lately I’ve been inspired just by meeting new people because everyone has a unique story. They own it and I’m on my way to owning mine.

Oh! Are you interested in the outfit details? Showing one of my building blocks in action – the white blouse, debuting my new hat which I plan to wear all summer to the beach (it’s currently out of stock at oldnavy.com, but check your local store), and carrying my favorite Dooney & Bourke bag that literally showed up on my doorstep – the purse fairy, perhaps?