I am heading to Honduras next week on a mission trip and the dress code is far different than my usual attire. We are asked to wear finger tip length shorts, no tank tops, and nothing too tight or revealing. I don’t at all dress like a hoochie-mama, but I don’t own many dressed down items. My wardrobe consists of tons of dresses, skirts, dressier shorts, pretty tops, and finishing pieces such as cardigans and blazers. Even when I attempt to dress down I somehow always seem to be more dressed up than everyone else – it’s a curse. I think for my time in Honduras I’ll be sporting my new 5″ length jorts from old navy, some simple tees, and a pair of old sneakers. I am mentally prepping myself to feel very uncomfortable for a few days, but I am sure it will be worth it.

I am so incredibly excited for this trip! It’s my first ever mission trip so, of course, I am a little nervous about the unknowns, but mostly I am thankful for the opportunity and hope I can be a help to the people of Honduras. To really give of myself and make a small difference in this big world. I am also very much looking forward to meeting the child I have sponsored through Compassion International for the last few years. He’s a sweet little boy who is the same age as my eldest nephew. I can’t even imagine what it will be like meeting him! I’ll be sure to update you on the details upon my return.

What’s your look for dressing down in the summer? Are you like me where you feel a little out of your element in something so casual or is this your usual outfit?