Recently I’ve paired down my closet significantly and am trying to keep only the most essential and my most loved pieces. It’s been difficult to sift through it all, but instead of owning 12 skirts that I never wore, I now only own five and that number may decrease once summer hits. It feels good to clean out and remove things that I no longer need or love. Maybe I’m just going through a phase, but I am liking the limited amount of clothes I have to choose from. Makes it a lot easier to get dressed.

One item that I do not have in my closet is a black romper. I do have a jumpsuit, but that’s a little different. The black romper is much more versatile in that you can style it tons of different ways for these hot summer days. If I was wearing this today, I would style it with some relaxed accessories and add a bit of sophistication with these black wedges. How would you style the romper? I know some people are not fans of the look which I completely understand, but I think it’s a great option for summer.