Fringe Purse


Outfit details: Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunnies, Old Navy Chambray Shift Dress, Gap Utility Jacket (similar), Robyn Rhodes Taylor Necklace in Pink Agate (similar) via RocksBox – get a free month here, Colonel Littleton Camp Bracelet, Fringe Purse (similar), block heeled sandals (similar)

Spring is here! And so am I. Kind of. I know I’ve been neglecting this little space lately and, I know you’re tired of hearing about why. Sorry. Blogging and running the social media for other brands and businesses is all-consuming. My phone goes off constantly with notifications of things that need to be posted and reposted. It’s been really hard to just shut it all off since it’s my job to be overly connected. Yesterday I found myself lunching on leftover Chinese food at home all by myself. I usually put on the tv for the brief time that I’m eating, but this time I decided not to. You know what happened? I tried to let myself come down from it all, and I had a really hard time. I had to will myself to not turn on the tv or check my phone and just be with myself. It was hard, and it’s definitely something I need to work on. I don’t like that I’m constantly having to be entertained. I want to be able to sit quietly and allow my thoughts to flow and not stress about when I’m going to get the next blog post up or what photo I should post on Instagram. This week I’m going to work on disconnecting more. I would say I would read a book or a magazine, but I think that I’d still be missing the point. Does anyone else feel like this? Or am I the only one?

On to the outfit. This dress is adorbs. It’s also super comfortable. They have limited sizing online, but I’m going to guess that you can scoop it up in store. The jacket was one I bought for my big trip to California and New England over the summer. Initially I wasn’t so sure about it being collarless, but I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it. Wardrobe essential for sure. The necklace I purchased through RocksBox. I had some credit there so it only cost me $10. I know the tassel necklace–tassel everything–is huge right now, but I’m still loving the agate. Especially this one because it’s pink! Speaking of tassels, I think they’re very closely related to fringe and fringe is happening a lot this spring. I’ve had this fringe bag for years, but never really used it because I somehow stained it pretty badly on both sides–suede + dark denim is not a good mix. I fixed one side and it’s slowly being eased into the bag rotation. I love that it’s yellow, and fringe, and suede.

What are seeing that’s trending this spring? I hope to have a list of things coming at you soon! Until next time!

Photography by: Kristen Browning
Location: Stuart, Florida

Fringe Purse Fringe Purse  Fringe Purse Fringe Purse Fringe Purse Fringe Purse