Niirva-Clutch-White-Jeans-Daisy-Necklace-Polka-Dot-Shirt-00 Niirva-Clutch-White-Jeans-Daisy-Necklace-Polka-Dot-Shirt-01 Niirva-Clutch-White-Jeans-Daisy-Necklace-Polka-Dot-Shirt-02 Niirva-Clutch-White-Jeans-Daisy-Necklace-Polka-Dot-Shirt-03 Niirva-Clutch-White-Jeans-Daisy-Necklace-Polka-Dot-Shirt-04

It’s clearly spring here in South Florida. The temps are soaring into the low to mid 80’s most days and I’m doing my very best to transition from denim every day to something a little lighter. I’m totally aware that the pants I’m wearing are still denim, but they’re white, and loose, and relaxed. They’re quickly becoming my go-to denim for this time of year. I pair them with everything from heals, to flats, to keds; tank tops, button-ups, and t-shirts. They were never an essential in my closet until I scooped them up at the end of the summer and now I think everyone should find a pair of white boyfriend jeans to add to their wardrobe.

Loft top (similar) // Forever 21 Daisy Necklace (similar) // Niirva Clutch c/0 – check them out! // Loft White Boyfriend Jeans (similar) // NVY D’orsays (similar)

Photography by: Kristen Browning Photography
Location: 11 Maple Street Jensen Beach, Florida