For the longest time I didn’t own very many shorts. My sister lived in them during our hot Florida summers and I was always so perplexed by her love of them. She’d always look so cute, but when I put shorts on I felt so odd! They were either too short, too low waisted, or were made for women with really thin thighs. Last summer I spotted a pair of shorts at Loft and gave them a try. They were similar to the shorts pictured above which made them easy to wear, comfortable, but still had that touch of chic. I loved them so much that when I spotted a similar pair later in the summer I scooped those up too. Now I’ve actually accumulated quite a lot of shorts, mostly from Old Navy and Loft. I haven’t been wearing them much lately, but as soon as that summer heat is here – which might be next week – I’ll be living in them.

Wear them with:

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