Sorry for the lack of posts. I had stepped away from my computer for the last few days to tackle some home DIY projects. I finally painted my desk bringing my room makeover closer to completion. I also tackled painting all the closet doors in the house. I was tired of the bare wood look, so now they are a crisp white. I have a few more projects to complete and tons of school work to finish up before the end of the semester arrives. With that said, do you ever feel completely overloaded? But still say “yes” to too many things? That’s where I’m at right now. A while back I had said “yes” to something that I was a bit unsure about and this morning I had to change my answer to “no” as it’s just not the right time. I’m the type of person that hates saying no because with it I feel I have disappointed someone. I know that after a few days I won’t feel as bad, but today I do. How do you deal with the “no’s”? Is it as tough for you to say “no” as it it for me?