I feel like I am slightly behind on the pineapple trend because when I was searching for items to feature so many of them were sold out. I tried my best to find the best of what was left which is a mix of price points and styles. That necklace is amazing, but at $430 I’m thinking it’s something not many of us can invest in. So pretty though! I did spot some pineapple printed items at the Loft Outlet a few weeks ago. Gold pineapples printed on items like shorts, shirts, and scarves. Very cute and very on trend. I should have bought some of it, but was thinking I should wait for it to go on sale first. Not so sure that was the right move since it seems the pineapple trend is pretty popular. I did buy a pair of pineapple earrings while in NYC which I’ll sport until I get my hands on some piece of pineapple printed clothing.