Let’s talk sunglasses. Upon my return from Paris I noticed that my beloved leopard sunnies had broken. This sent me in a frantic search for my next pair. I spent an hour or so on Sunday going from shop to shop trying on different options and comparing prices. I decided I wasn’t going to buy anything fancy and set my price limit at €10. I have so many pairs of sunglasses at home that I couldn’t bring myself to pay more, plus if I lose or break them, which I am prone to do, I won’t feel so bad about replacing them. Above I pulled some options that I tried on in stores. I liked a lot of them, but in the end I decided on the pair on the left (which I sadly can’t find online) from the V&D. They were just within my price range at €9,95 and so far I am loving them!

How do you shop for a new pair of sunglasses? Do you buy a ton of inexpensive pairs to have more options, or are you one to invest in a designer pair and take really good care of them? Would love to know!