The month of May is flying by. I just realized that Memorial Day is this weekend. The unofficial start to summer is almost here! I have no idea what my plans are for the day – I’m thinking it will be a day “off” for me to spend some time with the fam or friends and perhaps work on my tan. Who knows. I’ve had a hard time planning ahead lately so I have no concrete plans at this point. I’ve become a “day of” planner. My day to day schedules have been packed (precisely why I didn’t get a blog post up on Friday), and I just don’t have time to plan all that much since I never know how much free time I’ll actually have. For whatever reason it seems to work, although it’s a lot different than how I used to be. If I do do anything on Memorial Day this outfit is exactly the look I want to replicate. I might even add my American flag scarf to top it all off. What are your big plans for the day? I always think being on a lake for the day sounds so nice. Not going to happen for me here in FL, but maybe it’s how you spend Memorial Day.