blazer | shirt | romper (worn as shorts) | tights | booties | necklace | earrings

I cannot tell you how excited I am to post these photos! First of all, it has been weeks since I have been able to participate in WIWW and I honestly have been missing it! I have so much to tell you about my time in The Hague so far, but I think I will save that for another post. Let’s just say, I am loving it! I wake up every morning in complete awe of the way things have worked out for me. I am completely grateful. I needed a change and God made a way for it. I have been meeting lots of great people, experiencing new things and a new culture, and spending tons of time on myself which has been surprisingly nice. I didn’t pack too much because I figured I would be doing some shopping, but I dug through Danielle’s clothes that she was getting rid of and found this blazer and the romper (yes, romper) I am wearing. The weather was just warm enough not to have to layer on a heavier coat and the outfit was perfect for biking around the city and losing my way (those of you that really know me know I have a serious problem with directions).