Today I spent some time with Kristy, the winner of my personal styling giveaway, and this is the loot she scored all for $200. I feel some people think when hiring a personal stylist that they only shop at higher end stores and spend spend spend. That’s not how I do things at all. I truly believe that good style is attainable on any budget. If your budget dictates we go to Target and Forever 21, then to Target and Forever 21 we go! I have no problem with that and am completely flexible. The goal is to make my clients feel great about themselves while keeping them current.

Kristy is a stay at home mom of a 13 month old, she has a petite frame, and is quite a beauty! The post may look a bit disjointed in terms of creating outfits, but that chunky sweater with the printed pants and the delicate necklace are just one of the outfits you can create from what we purchased. Also, the pieces we bought act as completer pieces for items she already has in her closet. For instance, the chambray shirt over a dress or with some black skinny jeans would make two great outfits. Overall, I think today’s outing was a great success!