We’re just two weeks away from Christmas Day! I was out and about yesterday and it’s a complete madhouse. Shoppers everywhere. I’ve decided to do the rest of my shopping online including gifts for the guys in my life. In case you’re out of ideas of what to buy for your man or men here’s a few of my top picks!

1. Any man would like a pair of these 2. Sunglasses. Aviators in black 3. New kicks 4. A new hat. His favorite team or yours 5. A travel case for all those adventures he’s sure to take in the new year 6. The new GoPro Hero4. My boyfriend loves his GoPro! 7. & 8. Closet staples. A new pullover hoodie and some classic t-shirts 9. Google Chromecast. Everything on your phone or tablet on your TV at a much better price than Apple TV 10. A preppy scarf if you live in the cold 11. Beer glasses for his favorite type of beer!