I know I am a little late to the whole five things post, but I thought I would do it anyway. Not sure if it’s coming across too well, but I am trying my best to share things with more substance on the blog. A more personal look at my triumphs, failures, and the things that fall in between.

1. I have a super pet peeve about shopping etiquette. For example, if I am shopping in an aisle and am working my way down it and another shopper comes in the other side and has no intention of moving I flip out a little on the inside.

2. I am an extremely loyal friend. It’s very hard for me to understand friendships ending because I can’t imagine what someone would have to do for that to happen.

3.  I do not ever want a pet. You can look down on me for that. If you are interested to find out why feel free to email.

4. I am a huge college basketball fan and when my beloved Jayhawks get knocked out of the NCAA tourney every year I reevaluate my fanhood. It’s similar to being in a bad relationship, you know you are going to get hurt, so why invest so much?

5. I wake up hungry and eat the same thing for breakfast every morning. Rice Krispies with oatmeal topped with a smidgen of brown sugar and some unsweetened coconut flakes.

photo from my trip to Paris in May of 2012.