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Fitness is an extremely rare subject on the blog – the fact that I am not fit and I know nothing about fitness contributes to the lack of this content. As a kid and through high school I played sports, but wasn’t a crazy athletic person. I understood how to play the game and had some skill so I excelled. After graduating high school I didn’t work out or do anything physical. I started a light workout routine when I returned from Europe in the fall. It’s been a struggle to keep it up, but I am doing my best. All this fit talk to say that I still have so much work to do in the working out area. I have pain and discomfort in my shoulders and yesterday I met with a physical therapist who told me that the reason for the pain is that I am too weak! It’s almost comical to admit, but I do know it’s completely accurate. So now I am required to work out more to build up my shoulder strength so they no longer ache. To get me pumped about my added workout my parents bought me new sneakers and I am thinking about treating myself to some new workout gear from Old Navy. How do you guys get psyched to workout? Is it something you look forward to or something you force yourself to do? Please tell me I am not alone in this! That working out is great, but can also be completely¬†torturous.

BTW. I hate working out in front of people. It gives me anxiety. At my PT appointment yesterday I had to do all the exercises in a huge room with lots of other people there. It was mortifying and something I hope I can avoid in the future.