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As I mentioned in Monday’s post festival season is here! And tonight in West Palm Beach is the kickoff of SunFest. Unfortunately I’m not going, but I hear the lineup is pretty great this year. I am not all that up on the music scene, but names like Ellie Goulding, Goo Goo Dolls, and Robin Thicke make me wish I had secured some tickets for myself. Maybe next year. Festival style is such a broad term. For some it means crop tops and highwaisted shorts, for others palazzo pants and a crochet top, for me I’d like to stay a bit more covered up. I’m not as fit and toned as I once was and truthfully I’m not really into showing so much skin (hence my affinity for one piece swimsuits). All that being said, this is definitely a look I would feel comfortable wearing to SunFest, it has a touch of festival flair with the boho-inspired top and a hint of prep with the Keds which pretty much describes my style as of late – preppy and polished with an unexpected touch of boho. I did hear that the term boho is making it’s way out, but what in the world are they replacing the term with? Interested to find that out! To all my SunFest goers out there have fun and dress well!