DreamBeachOh, Monday. I’m struggling a bit this week with motivation. I have a list that is crazy long and it’s been slow going getting things checked off. I even missed posting on the blog one day last week which made me feel like a real slacker. Not sure where the lack of motivation is stemming from. It might have something to do with my priorities lately. I have so much going on and I’ve been choosing to do the stuff that I love much more over the stuff that I need to do. Sounds like I have a problem. This week I need to really get on it. Once these crazy weeks are behind me (hello, April 28th) I am heading to the beach! I need it. It’s my happy place, a place I find rest, and a place to relax. Here’s what I’m dreaming of taking with me to my beach day – a bikini – maybe! I don’t own any that I actually like right now, but this one could work. I scooped up this one at Target last week and I’m obsessed. I’m tempted to get this one and this one as well. The one piece is my friend. I’m also really loving this striped tote and at $14.80 it’s a real budget buy! I’m so tired of my old tote. It definitely doesn’t fit my current style which means I want new! I also want to bring along everything below. Love it all!