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Behind the Face Photography

The Florida heat is still in full force around here. It’s got me living in breezy shorts and simple tops. Since crop tops are trending I thought I’d give them a go.¬†Mine isn’t an all out crop because I’m pushing 30 and I’m not going to show off my less than stellar midsection to the world. I really like where this particular top hits and like that it’s not loose, but not tight either. It’s sweet and cute and I’ve probably worn it 20 times since scoring it at Forever 21 a few months ago. I’ve looked online and in store for a different color option, but can’t find the exact same one available. I also bought the shorts at Forever 21 – and the earrings – I tend to find really great things there. It’s dangerous.

Are you wondering where I am in these photos? White City Mercantile, of course! I love their front porch and it offered up the perfect backdrop for my outfit photos. Litasha and I spent some time shopping the store after it opened up – we were there pretty early to capture the shots – and found a few cute things. One thing about this place, is the prices are really reasonable and there’s a ton of stuff to look at. A ton. Quick tip – there’s no air conditioning in the building! So, go early or wait until the weather cools to venture here.