Anyone recognize the title of this post? My fellow fashionistas may as it comes from one of my all time favorite shows What Not to Wear. WNTW transformed hundreds of lives with their fresh and attainable approach to fashion. Almost every episode pulled on your heart strings, while adding tons of fun and laughter. WNTW recently aired their series finale (tear) and it got me thinking about the things that I learned from Stacy and Clinton over the years. One of them being their keys to building an interesting outfit – color, pattern, texture, shine. I also learned to mix metallics – oh my! And that neutrals go with everything. I am really going to miss their witty sense of humor and their mostly kind hearts. Did any of you learn anything from the show? Did you watch it? Will you miss it? It’s a bit bittersweet, but what a great run they had!

Oh, and I recently wore this leopard print dress to my brother’s rehearsal dinner. I think I’m obsessed.