one: brilliant earth 18k white gold fairmined bar pendant two: topshop v front back vest three: kate spade new york metro four: 18k gold luna ring five: dolce vita alpha six: 18k white gold diamond halo earrings seven: darcy indigo supersoft authentic jeans


Lately I’ve been drawn to a more clean and modern style when it comes to accessories. Not sure when the change occurred, but I’ve been opting for my initial pendant a lot more often these days than anything else. I usually pair it with some simple stud earrings and my gold watch that I’ve had for quite some time. I tend to think that when wearing simple accessories it’s nice to keep the rest of the outfit simple as well. I’m loving this slouchy Topshop top which would go perfectly with your favorite skinny jeans. What’s your current accessory style? Bold and colorful or simple and understated?

*This post was inspired by Brilliant Earth’s collection of ethical origin fine jewelry. All opinions are my own.