It’s that time of the week again where I share an essential building block of a well curated wardrobe. This week is all about the statement necklace. Most pieces in this series you’ll only need one of, but the statement necklace may be the exception. You can’t only have one statement necklace in your closet because you’ll tire of it quickly if it’s the only option you have. I suggest having a minimum of three. One with lots of color, one with sparkle to dress things up, and one that’s a bit more casual and versatile. The thing about a statement necklace is that they are meant for just that, to make a statement. People will notice, comment, and ask where you got it, so be prepared and be confident in wearing it. There’s no need to spend a fortune on them either, there are tons of great options at Target and Forever 21. If you’re looking to splurge just a little check the selection at Bauble Bar – their pieces are always on trend and aren’t crazy expensive. My only tip for wearing it? Don’t let it wear you. Don’t buy one that’s over the top. It should complement your outfit not overpower it.