Oh, the skinny jean. I remember when I purchased my first pair. Super low cut from A&F (can’t believe I just admitted that, I also worked there one summer, all my secrets are out). They were a medium denim and super skinny, as in I’m not sure how I got myself in and out of them skinny. I wore them a ton my senior year of college because they were my only pair of skinny jeans. Since that first pair I’ve gone through tons of skinny jeans trying to find that perfect fit. I have to say that my very favorite pairs are from the Gap. Most of my skinny jean collection is from there. I like how they fit, how they don’t have any pocket designs, and that if you wait for a sale (which happens a ton) you can get them for under $50 which I think is a great price.

Here’s a little guide on what to look for and what to avoid when buying your skinny jeans.

1. Go for a dark wash. They are the most versatile in that they can be dressed up with heels and a fancy top or dressed down with sandals and a striped t-shirt.

2. Avoid thigh whiskering and distressing of any sort. If you’re not sure what this means it’s basically the distressed look on the thighs of the jeans called whiskering which is not even a word according to the dictionary and spellcheck. Remember these are basics. If you’re into the look and don’t mind the added visual weight it can sometimes bring then buy those as a secondary option.

3. Avoid pocket embellishments. Please. No one cares that you’re wearing Miss Me jeans from the Buckle.

4. Watch the rise. Low rise isn’t flattering on everyone. When you try them on make sure you’re all covered.

5. You might not find the perfect pair right off the bat, but keep trying! There are so many options available now you’re sure to find the right ones for you.

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