More building blocks of a well-curated wardrobe today and I’m talking delicate necklaces. For the longest time I didn’t own any delicate necklaces that I actually liked. It was as if there were no affordable ones that were my taste. Now they are literally everywhere from Target to Kate Spade and beyond. You can find them at any price range meaning you can buy a few affordable ones and layer, or save up and splurge on the perfect one for you. In addition to them being available everywhere, there are also so many versions that fit any personality and style. Are you into preppy, nautical accessories? Pick up an anchor or a starfish. Are you into reppin your home home state? Buy a state. Maybe you’re into your initials, buy a vowel (or a letter). There are even ones for besties, the newlywed, and someone who is big into their twitter or instagram handle.

I wear at least one of mine on the daily unless I’m wearing a statement necklace, then I leave it off as it tends to get tangled. Think of them as part of your daily outfit. Pick something that is personal to you. Think of it as a way of expressing your interests in a most subtle and pretty way.