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I thought I would introduce a new series today all about the building blocks of a well curated wardrobe. I think at times the blazer is one piece that gets overlooked by many women. I completely understand that the wrong blazer can make you feel a bit too stuffy and make you look like you work in a corporate office. This happens when you choose the wrong blazer for your lifestyle. If you don’t work in an office where they require you to wear a suit then don’t buy a stuffy/corporate blazer. And if you own one, donate it stat. You’re never going to need it. Blazers have come so far and are now an effortless layer to add to any outfit. They have a much more relaxed look while still making you look put together. In truth, I need to find myself a few new ones, I think a white one would be a nice addition to my wardrobe especially for this time of year!

I’ve compiled a list of  some things to consider when finding the perfect blazer.

1. Don’t shy away from color or a fun print. These add personality to your wardrobe and can be utilized very easily. Think blazer thrown on over a striped shirt and some skinny jeans.

2. In most cases stay away from cropped and boxy blazers. Cut is everything.

3. Make sure the blazer looks slimming when you try it on. This might have to do with the print, color, or cut. Trying it on makes all the difference.

4. Think of the blazer as a completer piece. It’s main goal is to add the completing touch to your outfit.

5. You should own at least one black blazer. Black blazers are everywhere so this shouldn’t be difficult to find.

6. There’s probably a pretty good blazer option at any store you frequent. When choosing one look at the fabric. Does it look rich or cheap? What about the buttons or hardware, if any, do those look cheap? Have a discerning eye when choosing a blazer, and know there are tons of affordable options out there!

Ready to shop for the perfect blazer now? Need help deciding which one to choose? If you find yourself out and about unsure if a blazer is right for you tag me in an instagram pic or on facebook and I’ll let you know if it’s a go! Happy shopping!