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You can most likely make it through life with just three bags. A clutch, a crossbody, and tote or satchel. The clutch can be used for a night out or to an event where you don’t need to bring everything along. The crossbody can either be your every day bag or can be used while traveling. Your tote can be used every day or for days when you’ll need lots of room in your bag to tote along whatever it is that’s in that bag of yours. I don’t carry much in my bag and usually opt for a crossbody bag for every day use. Your bag is an integral part of your wardrobe so take your time finding one that you love. Don’t always buy the IT bag because most likely that IT bag won’t be IT forever.

What’s your bag of choice? Do you switch things up throughout the year or stick to one bag all year long? I usually stay pretty true to one bag, but definitely go through phases depending on my needs.