I had a styling session with a friend on Friday and as we went through her closet I was so surprised at how many basic tops she owned. The pile just kept growing and I wondered how she could possibly wear all of them! The pile was full of solid colored tops in varying styles from long sleeve crew necks to skimpy halter tops. It made me think about what a basic really is. Back home I too have an entire drawer filled with basic tees and tanks, but I always found that they bored me unless I accessorized and layered them with a blazer or cardigan. I feel sometimes we get in a mindset where we think a basic has to be a plain white t-shirt with no special details or patterns, but really any of the above options are basics. They are simple tops that can be worn in an indefinite amount of ways.

Here are a few tips for shopping and wearing basics.

1. Shop smart. Basic tops are everywhere. Figure out how much you are comfortable spending and seek out a store with a price range within that number.

2. Stock up. If you find that you are wearing a certain style top a lot stock up on it. Get different colors or multiples of the same color. It’s one of the worst feelings to have to retire one of your favorite basics and not have a replacement for it.

3. Accessorize. Even if the top you purchase has a stripe always accessorize. Add a pin, necklace, or scarf to add that little bit of your personal style.

4. Layer it. If the weather is too chilly to just wear a plain white tee add a black blazer and some arm candy to give it a polished look.

Hope these tips were helpful, now go shop!