1. mango tote 2. topshop boots 3. mango top 4. river island jeans 

After visiting Amsterdam four times and living just an hour away I think I have a good sense of the look that is Amsterdam. Most Amsterdammers  keep things simple and understated as illustrated by the lack of accessories in this outfit. You’ll find most girls in skinny jeans, a simple top, and flat boots. I always wonder where they find such great boots because whenever I browse the shoe stores I am completely underwhelmed by the styles they offer. They all look so frumpy. It’s odd. I chose to add a nice summery bag, as it is supposedly summer here, and I don’t think that it would be too far of a stretch for the women of Amsterdam to carry. The Amsterdam look is very similar to other areas in Europe I have visited –  simple, but well put together. What you all think of the look? Something you could see yourself wearing?